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Girouard Vines Wine Brand

2014 Southern Cross

May be purchased in Oklahoma liquor stores.


Girouard Vines Southern Cross 

Southern Cross 100%

Gold Award, San Fransisco Chronicle 2018

Girouard Vines Block, Heringer Estates Vineyard, Clarksburg, California 2014

Introducing the first wine produced from a new wine-grapes - Southern Cross - product of a Girouard Family project that began fifty years ago when my father George Girouard began growing grapes in our backyard with the dream of cross-pollinating traditional European grapes with wild Native American grapes to breed a new hardy great tasting wine-grape. Today my family is honored to share this dream - and this unique wine - with you.

In the early 1960s, our founder Chris Girouard’s father, George Girouard, began growing wine-grapes in the backyard of their Oklahoma City home. George had a dream of breeding a new hardy, great tasting wine-grape by cross-pollinating traditional European grapevines with wild Native American grapevines. After testing thousands and thousands of seedlings, George eventually selected four of the hybrids for commercial testing - the four varieties from which these newly released wines are produced.

Tasting Notes

"The dark ruby colored red wine has an enticing smell of freshly baked fruitcake laced with hints of allspice and cinnamon. On the palate, a subtle leather note can be found along with a pleasing hint of wet clay and earth. The cherry and plum fruit marry well with the spice and earthy notes. This is an easy to drink, pleasant and friendly wine with no hard edges. It’s a classy wine in all aspects.” Randa Warren, Master Sommelier

How to Purchase

Girouard Vines wines may be purchased in Oklahoma liquor stores.


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